Our guild members constitute a collective of security practitioners, builders and creatives. We operate through a common network of colleagues that already share a degree of professional proximity. We share work space, knowledge, expertise, resources, personal and professional networks, as well as engage in mutual business and projects.


Our Founding Members are active and aspiring security professionals; quietly working to build the foundation of our guild. We are subject matter experts and those willing to learn. We are leaders and influencers in the community. We share a common goal; to secure our future.

founding member


Our Collaborators believe security and privacy are a necessity. We are business owners, veterans, builders, technologists, entrepreneurs, doers. We know it takes a community to secure our future.



Our Artisan’s are skilled at their craft. We create things that are functional such as furniture, decorative arts, sculptures, clothing, tools and mechanisms. We are the history and future of Ybor City. In ancient Greece, we were drawn to agoras and often built workshops nearby.